Trauma Recovery

No one else can imagine what you are going through when you are a trauma survivor.  It is a unique experience.  Made more so by the fact that trauma impacts different people in different ways.  Only a trained professional such as the counselors at Crossroads Counseling is fully prepared to understand and comfort you as you process trauma.  Should you try to do this alone?  No.  Let us help you recover faster with compassionate care.  Trauma can come from sudden, drastic changes or a loss of a loved one. Most people feel helpless, isolated and without control. Often trauma is a shared experience with those we usually turn to in times of need; this is why it is important to enlist the help of a professional counselor. 

In this type of shared, common  emotional distress, it becomes easy to pull away from the ones you love which only intensifies the feeling that you are alone. You may think that you have no one who can help. As time passes, it becomes hard to move forward and many choose to repress or try to forget the feelings.  This is unhealthy and can become physically destructive.  Therefore, if these feelings are not dealt with directly, the distressing feelings and troubling events resurface over and over, creating a condition known as post-traumatic stress disorder. Should you allow yourself to struggle alone this way?  No. People are available to help.  Let us do what we do best. Our therapists aim to help you not forget or pretend like the past never happened, but to cope and live in the present without becoming overwhelmed.  Together we can manage even the most dreadful of traumas.  Let us help you bear this deeply distressing experience.  Life may never be the same, but we offer care and companionship in this process to a new life.

Moving through trauma recovery is often a painful process that takes time and several stages before healing.  Nobody should go through this journey alone.  We understand that people move at different rates.  We will work with you at your pace for however long it takes. Trauma may have been at your crossroads in life; nevertheless, the road to restoration begins at Crossroads Counseling. Our therapists understand that they cannot restore your life to exactly what it once was, but we will strive to lead you to a place of stability and restoration.