About Us

Crossroads Counseling & Consultation

We are a private practice designed to provide caring and compassionate counseling and consultation for individuals and families in an effort to facilitate growth and education in a safe atmosphere of support and encouragement. At Crossroads, we pride ourselves on our quality and compassionate care for the ones who take the time to come see us.

We strive to make our patients feel comfortable and safe here at our clinic. No matter what they bring to our counselors and psychiatrists, we want them to know Crossroads is here for them. As a nearly 5 star rated counseling and psychiatry clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Crossroads Counseling receives feedback from our patients that radiate positivity.


  • “In my 15 years of therapy, I've never encountered better counselors or psychiatrists. The people at the front desk are also extraordinarily friendly and accommodating. When it comes to grief/addiction counseling and psychiatry, I would recommended Crossroads over any other place in Tulsa.”


Our dedicated counselors are grounded in sound values, resulting in a more fulfilling and effective therapy for you and your loved ones. Expertly trained and intuitively perceptive to your individual needs, your therapist will partner with you to identify and resolve hurts, gain new insight and understanding into your life and your situation, and creatively develop a new life-plan with attainable goals for a better future. Help is customized to you, based on your unique circumstances and the place you are at in your emotional life.

We build the road to recovery at Crossroads Counseling. We care about you.  Let us use our training to help you in your life’s journey.

Each therapist is available for seminars, workshops, retreats, or other special events.

Crossroads Specializes in: